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Music has been such a great part of the lives of many. It somehow became a statement of people’s stories and experiences through time. Taking a close look, fans consider it as one of the basis for yielding their supports towards a specific band.

The site aims to provide information of various bands which have been known for their music genres which triggered the interest of many.

Every group is known for many things. Some of which include the use of mythical sounds of a bygone era including orchestral arrangements and they are also known for their impressive vocals, harp, as well as their abilities to use the accordion.

Fans usually describe their favorite band’s music as a magical music. For those bands who invested in playing Gothic kind of music, their composition has been considered as something that deeply touches and interprets numerous stories beyond the limits of time. Also, their music is described as melancholy bewitching per note due to their harp sounds and orchestral arrangements.

In the field of Celtic rock various bands have successfully received some positive feedbacks for playing such genre.

The site also aims to inform the public that some bands have established their own marketing strategy in order to sell their band’s merchandises, may it be in a form of actual or online selling. For those who opt for online selling, catalogs can highly be browsed.

Fortunately, there are some bands that offer a full refund in cases where the clients are unsatisfied with their purchased products and require the client to return back the said products.

Some bands may have already disbanded, yet their music remained in the hearts of their fans and other listeners as they reminisced the music and lyrics played by the band. Also, their music has somehow become an inspiration to other bands and adopt it as part of their current genre.